ABOUt Renaissance arts company limited - MALTA

Renaissance Arts Company Limited was incorporated in Malta in 2003 with the aim to meet the demand for artisan and traditionally made quality gifts, fittings and themed items that tend to be hard to find within the local market.

Such unique items included wooden barrels, chessboards, porcelain and glass gifts, brass corkscrews, indoor and outdoor artistic taps and beverage dispensing fittings. Our preferred marketing platform was always through an online presence and as a result we set up a number of niche websites focusing on our varied product portfolio that soon started attracting foreign customers and the business expanded into re-export in small and larger quantities.

Occasionally we do commission modifications to certain products that we marketbased on our experience or as per customers requirement and we have successfully shipped our products to private and corporate customers in the UK, Europe, United States, Canada, Central America, Australia and New Zealand, the Gulf States and Asia.